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NOTICE: Due to the expansion of our classic Porsche restoration shop, FX Aero is only accepting a limited number of Aerokit orders. Please call 559-859-7074 prior to placing any order to verify availability and wait time.

WELCOME TO FX AERO! Porsche 997 FXR Body Kit

FX Aero is the home of the most exciting and best quality body kit/aero kit designs for your Porsche. Unlike the vast number of other companies who are selling low quality parts from China and are flooding the internet today, all of our parts are exclusive to FX Aero, and are disigned and hand crafted at our facility here in the USA!

no china bod kits or parts     


FX Aero designs and creates aftermarket aero body kits and components exclusively for the Porsche 911 996, 986 Boxster, 997, 944 and 951.  FX Aero has been in business since 1999 and has always specialized in the best and most exciting upgrades for Porsches.


FX Aero has the parts and experience to make your Porsche look and perform its best and all at affordable prices.  All of our aerokit components are hand crafted to exacting quality control standards, and every component is manufactured from select materials to achieve the perfect balance of strength, flexibility, durability, impact resistance and resistance to harsh environmental conditions. 



It's all about excitement!  Design can truly excite the soul when a perfect balance between style and performance is struck.  Our goal here at FX Aero is to produce soul stirring visual excitement as well as driving excitement while retaining the prestigious identity that already makes your car one of the most famous marques in the world.  We take the best and make it better!  


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GET INFORMED...Porsche 911 996 Body Kit Wrapped
Please note that FX Aero does not sell anything made of "Dura-flex".  We also do not sell any of the many body kits or products made in China or Mexico.  All of our parts are proudly hand crafted here in America.  For more information on our production methods and materials as well as insight into the industry, please visit our article titled "Polyurethane, Fiberglass or FRP?"

Porsches are arguably the best cars in the world to upgrade, personalize and modify, but you want to make it a fun and memorable experience.  There are many poor quality "knock-off" fiberglass and polyurethane body kits on the market these days, so do some research and make an informed decision.  Here are a few tips:

1. Do they have pictures oftheir actual customer's Porsches, not only ones they've stolen from Porsche websites

2.Ask for Porsche specific customer feedback and if they also install the parts that they sell

3. Make sure that the company specializes in Porsche Body kits and doesn't also sell body kits for other cars such as Honda, Toyota, Nissan, Kia, etc... 


IT'S TIME TO UPGRADE!Porsche Boxster 986 Body Kit GTR Red

Contrary to what many people may believe, upgrading your stock Porsche Carrera or Boxster with a quality, well designed, well built aerokit does increase your resale value and drastically increases the satisfaction that you have when you drive your car, or even just admire it.  So many of our customers have substantiated this claim and we now have several car dealerships that purchase our GTR Aerokits to boostPorsche 996 911 Body Kit FX Aero GTR Silver in Puerto Ricothe sales of their Carreras and Boxsters.  The key is that the GTR Aerokit was designed to incorporate top, up-to-date Porsche design elements but take them to the next level of excitement.  This makes your car special and stand out from the crowd for all the right reasons.  Don't be surprised if you get offers to buy your car from complete strangers once your FX Aero GTR Aerokit has been installed.  We've heard this same report from many past customers, but they're not selling!


Porsche has no-doubt figured this out.  It’s no secret that Porsche saves it’s best looking and best performing aero designs for their most expensive high-end cars such as the GT2, GT3, Turbo, etc., leaving the stock Carrera and Boxster looking very plain and unexciting. Let FX Aero help you make your Porsche everything it should be. Your dream car is just a click away!


FX Aero builds exclusive body kits, bumpers, spoilers and wings for the following Porsche models:
Porsche 944 Body Kits - 1983 1984 1985 1986 1987 1988
Porsche 944 S Body Kits - 1987 1988
Porsche 944 S2 Body Kits
Porsche 944 / 951 Turbo Body Kits
Porsche 911 Body Kits
Porsche 911 S Body Kits
Porsche 911 C4 Body Kits
Porsche 911 C4S Body Kits
Porsche 996 Body Kits 1999 2000 2001
Porsche 996 Body Kits 2002 2003 2004 2005
Porsche 996 Turbo Body Kits
Porsche 996 S Body Kits
Porsche 996 C4 Body Kits

Porsche 996 C4S Body Kits
Porsche 996 Targa Body Kits
Porsche 997 Body Kits
Porsche 997 C4 Body Kits
Porsche 997 C4S Body Kits
Porsche 997 Targa Body Kits
Porsche 997 Turbo Body Kits
Porsche 986 Boxster Body Kits
Porsche 986 Boxster S Body Kits
Porsche 987 Boxster Body Kits
Porsche 987 Boxster S Body Kits
Porsche 987 Cayman Body Kits
Porsche 987 Cayman S Body Kits



Fiberwerks Customer Spotlight

2002 Porsche Boxster S Turbo GTR


TPC Racing turbo/intercooler kit. Added about 150 HP to the stock 3.2L, and an additional 150 pounds of torque. Read more>>>






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FX Aero designs and creates aftermarket aero body kits and components exclusively for the Porsche 997 Carrera, 996 Carrera, 986 Boxster, 944 and 951.  Searching for Porsche spoilers and wings, Porsche aero body kits, fiberglass parts, Porsche styling accessories, tuner parts, bumpers, rocker panels, side skirts, updated body modifications, custom leather seats, performance exhaust systems, Porsche racing and performance parts?  You've come to the right place! 

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FXAero is not associated with Porsche Cars North America, Inc. or any of its dealers.  The name Porsche®, 944, 914, 911, 996, 986, 997, 987, Carrera, Boxster, Cayman  and Porsche crests appear for clarification purposes only.  No affiliation with, or sponsorship or approval by the Porsche organization is intended or implied.


You came to the right place for the best in Porsche spoilers, Porsche wings, Porsche aero body kits, Boxster spoilers, 996 spoilers, 911 spoilers, 944 spoilers and racing parts.  

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