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FiberFlex TM is the result of over two years of research and development to produce the perfect flexible resin without the unwanted negative effects that most flexible resins widely used today in the automotive aftermarket suffer from.  Most other flexible resins were originally made for other industries and not for automotive use.  Therefore, they do not have the properties required to contend with the environmental, chemical, and physical hardships that automotive body parts are subjected to. 

Working with a chemical engineer and resin specialist, we have developed FiberFlex TM specifically for use in automotive body parts.  FiberFlex TM resin has excellent UV and chemical resistance which is typically lacking in other flexible resins.  FiberFlex TM, holds its shape over its lifetime and does not distort or deform even in harsh environments.  It is strong and durable and far more impact resistant and forgiving than parts made from traditional resins.  Our FiberFlex TM parts are not as heavy, soft or "rubbery" as aftermarket polyurethane, and unlike polyurethane parts, they even hold their shape when not installed on a vehicle. 

FiberFlex TM gives you all the benefits of a flexible part without the drawbacks of other typical aftermarket polyurethane and flex resin parts, and best of all, its repairable!

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